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The Patron's Wife Mark Giglio, author
The Patron’s Wife
Mark Giglio, author

The Patron’s Wife is only $.97 this week.

For the E-book with an autograph page in PDF, Kindle, or iTunes formats this week it is only $.97.

The Patron's Wife Thank You
The Patron’s Wife

Looks like a real piece of paper and a nice sentiment too don’t you think?

And that’s not all you get

You get five (5) dimensional descriptions of what it is like to travel down a river or through the jungle in the Amazon. You will experience the journey with all of your senses and emotions.

Emilio The Patron's Wife
The Patron’s Wife

Emilio describes his trip down an Amazon tributary. “My clothing was always damp with sweat. The heat and humidity made the trip unbearable. Even the breeze coming off the water was warm and fetid. The chatter of monkeys was tiresome; the biting insects were bothersome and painful. The occasional shadowy animal, drawn undoubtedly by the sound of the motor, would stalk us, making its way through the undergrowth that grew along the riverbank. The relentless heat, discomfort, and unpredictability reached out like a smothering and heavy hand from the jungle and kept its dank grip on me and the boat.”

Come to The Patron’s Wife Book Release Party on Facebook on Monday 8-7-17 from 10am to 9pm and hear Mark read this passage and others as you travel down the Rio Oscuro in an Amazon video. Invite your friends and join us when you can.

There is that beautiful book cover designed by Mary Ellen Wilson and Rousseau (we appreciate his contribution even though we mention him second).

Why Buy Directly from Mark?

Honestly, I have never been paid by Amazon although there are used “Alchemist Gift” books for sale on the Amazon website. Where’s the logic in that? Looking for a good class-action suit if you know of one.

Seriously, buying my books directly from me through Paypal is a very safe way to purchase. I use it all the time to buy things on the internet because they will help you if you have a problem getting my product or a refund.

Not only will they help you but you can call them on the phone, they really answer, and they are knowledgeable customer service assistance. They really listen and come up with a solution. Have you ever tried to call Amazon?

So Buy Directly from Mark. You’ll be glad you did.

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Mark Giglio Author and Artist
Mark Giglio
Author and Artist