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The Patron's Wife Join the Book Launch Party
The Patron’s Wife. Join the Book Launch Party

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If you missed the party, you can still enjoy the page.

You can still experience the adventures. Join Mark Giglio for his new Supernatural Romantic Thriller, The Patron’s Wife, set in the Ecuadorian Amazon. See Amazing pictures and video of the Amazon. Hear Mark read moving descriptive scenes from the novel. Watch a video of a trip down an Amazon River. It’s like you are in the boat. And listen to Mark read the trip from the novel. You’ll feel like you are there.

As one reviewer said, “I wanted to run and put on bug spray to protect myself from the “thousand insects” with their “unearthly cadence”. That is just plain GOOD WRITING.”

Learn about the Waorani and what they are doing to save the rainforest. On a vast plateau above the wild and dangerous Amazon jungle, electrical engineer, Emilio Aguilar, enters a strange and other worldly reality that encompasses a shaman, Alma, the beautiful and unhappy wife who finds escape practicing native rituals using the ayahuesco tea to enter her spirit animal, the jaguar. You can still experience the adventure!

Book Launch, The Patron's Wife amazon jungle
Book Launch The Patron’s Wife Amazon jungle

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