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Because you won a contest and already purchased “The Patron’s Wife” or you have won a short story for another reason, you get to choose from all of the short stories written by Mark Giglio or “The Big Book of Silly Little Curses and Snarky Bar Toasts.

Choose horror: Old Nick, Helen (winner in the Nevermore Contest), Kingdom Come join the Launch Team

or Supernatural Romance: A Glimpse of Eternity

or Scifi Thriller: Eden Towers, Robbie’s Ap

or Scifi Romantic Thriller: Beyond Certain Boundaries

or Allegory: Mist Boats

or Writers Get Even with Critics Hum-Hor Horror: Spell Check


Go to Buy Alchemist Gift on this website to buy any version of Alchemist Gift (ebook, paperback), read about the short stories, choose one and put your name, email, and your short story choice into the form below. We will email you a coupon for your FREE short story when you see your review on the Buy Alchemist Gift page comments, Be sure to include your email and first name so that we can identify you.


Snarky Bar Toasts
Snarky Bar Toasts
Eden Towers What is AIs were better than us?
Eden Towers What if AIs were better than us?
Helen-Nevermore Contest-winner
Helen-Nevermore Contest-winner
Spell Check-Where a Critic Gets What He Deserves
Spell Check- A Critic Gets His Comeuppins







Beyond Certain Boundaries
Beyond Certain Boundaries
'Old Nick' from Triptych Series Vol. 1
‘Old Nick’










'Robbie's APP' from Triptych Series Vol. 1
‘Robbie’s APP’
'A Glimpse of Eternity' from Triptych Series Vol. 1
‘A Glimpse of Eternity’
Mist Boats
Mist Boats








Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come Join the Launch Team