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Grandfather’s Stories

Grandfather Giglio & Family
Grandfather Giglio & Family

I’m from upstate New York. We lived next door to my grandparents who were lovely and simple people. At the turn of the last century it seems New York City, Chicago or Rio de Janeiro were the three main destinations for new immigrants.  My grandmother emigrated from Italy and grandfather from Brazil. After their arrival in New York City, they met through a match maker, married, and had their kids, one of whom was my dad, Alfred.

The Patron's Wife Brazilian Rancheros
The Patron’s Wife
Brazilian Rancheros

Before our family left New York for California I was old enough to appreciate the fascinating stories my grandfather told me about his life in rural Brazil. Before he came to the U.S. he had already immigrated, along with his sister to Rio.  He was a young and educated man. But he could only find work as a gaucho or other menial jobs. His sister returned to Italy and became a nun. Angelo left Brazil for New York City.

Hector, The Patron
Brazilian like my grandfather

My grandfather’s stories still occupy a warm little nook in my mind. Over the years I’ve educated myself, am leading a productive life as a furniture and cabinet maker, writer, and artist. I have my family and grandkids. I think I have tasted both the sweet and the bitter of life to put what I’ve learned into a story or novel.  Of late that link with my grandfather’s stories, my interest in Amazonia and the Waorani indigenous peoples of that area, and my interest in the spiritual aspects of life, I decided to write. ‘The Patròn’s Wife’.

The Patron's Wife amazon jungle
The Patron’s Wife
Amazon jungle

The story is a spiritual-romance-thriller. It is a strange love triangle that is set in a huge coffee and cocoa plantation in the Ecuadorian highlands and the jungle below. Can the self-deprecating Emilio find the true strength of his heart and find love in this strange and savage place?

As with all writers, I draw on the impressions from my life. More stories to come in future blogs.

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Mark Giglio Author and Artist
Mark Giglio
Author and Artist