Waorani Indigenous People of the Amazon

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The Waorani also called Huaorani

The Patron's Wife Waorani
The Patron’s Wife
The Waorani People, traditions and customs

Incredible pictures of forgotten tribe in Ecuadorean rainforest

Huaorani women Ecuador primitive tribes amazon traditions jungle People

Those who would destroy the Amazon and the Waorani.

Video about Oil Companies trying to expoilt the Amazon and the Waorani

Waorani and the Amazon endangered

The Waorani Women of the Amazon, Ecuador

Published on Sep 24, 2014

Developed in response to the uncontrolled poaching of wildlife in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve (driven by local demand for bushmeat), Asociación de Mujeres Waorani del Ecuador is promoting organic cocoa cultivation as a wildlife protection measure and a pathway to local sustainable development. The association has created a land management plan that emphasizes zero deforestation, organic cocoa

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