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The Patron's Wife Mark Giglio, author
The Patron’s Wife
Mark Giglio, author

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Mark has finished a novel called “The Patron’s Wife.” “The Patron’s Wife” deals with the mystical connection between humanity, nature and our spiritual selves. “It is the path of all affairs: selfishness, deception, and possession,” Emilio Aguilar reflects on his latest failed love affair with a married woman. He journeys to El Paradiso, the vast plantation in the Ecuadorian highlands above the Amazon jungle to retreat from civilization, temptation and himself. Then he meets Alma, the Patron’s wife. Alma is caught in a loveless marriage to Hector, an overbearing older man who wants an heir. With the help of an Indio, Leòn, Alma escapes the pain through her spirit animal, the jaguar. “Its golden eyes burned into mine. Leòn looked away from the animal; he even held his hand up to shield his face and gave the big cat a wide berth.” Can Alma conquer her spirit animal and save her soul? Will Emilio be true to himself? Can Hector control his temper? Or will they be swallowed up by jealousy, the jungle, and madness?

What others have said about “The Patròn’s Wife”

FROM INKITT readers:

Everything feels so real and natural in this story, even the fantastic elements.

The descriptions are nice and vivid. I could see and imagine every scene which was written.

The touch of mystery is always welcome and appreciated in these stories, and you did a great job with the dreams and the jaguar.

It was something which FELT beautiful and dangerous at the same time, amazing and frightening.

The style of writing is to be admired, since it completely puts the reader under a spell, so to speak, making them completely enchanted by the story.

Overall, it’s an overwhelming story, well written and worth reading.

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Mark Giglio wants only 25 reviews to launch “The Patron’s Wife.” He is giving the first 25 who pledge to write a review and post it on and our site on August 7, 2017, the launch date, a coupon for a FREE copy of “The Patron’s Wife” ebook with your name in it as being on the Launch Team and 3 days to share it with your friends, a $20+ value.  Be the First!

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist
Mark Giglio, Author