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Review by: Harvelll on July 21, 2017 :
5*s review from smashwords
Mark Giglio really draws you into the isolation of this Peruvian location and the interesting characters. I was fascinated by the leopard and the interplay of reality and the spirit world. The tension of the relationship dynamics and the journey to escape kept my interest all the way to the end. Highly recommend.

Marijana1 Nov 17, 2016 review from Inkitt

The story is very emotional and kind of saddening. Everything feels so real and natural in this story, even the fantastic elements (and there are just about enough of those elements). The descriptions are nice and vivid. I could see and imagine every scene which was written. I loved to hear both Hector’s and Alma’s perspective of their relationship and while I was reading it I looked for inconsistencies in the stories, but find none – which is great. The touch of mystery is always welcome and appreciated in these stories, and you did a great job with the dreams and the jaguar. It was something which FELT beautiful and dangerous at the same time, amazing and frightening. The technical part of the story is great. The style of writing is to be admired, since it completely puts the reader under a spell, so to speak, making them completely enchanted by the story. Overall, it’s an overwhelming story, well written and worth reading.

Review by: Sklinker on June 17, 2017 :
5*s Review from Smashwords

This book immediately puts you in a deep green sticky humid jungle. I have never been in a jungle but could imagine myself batting insects and sweating along with Emilio. The plantation is isolated and otherworldly where anything seems possible . The ending was vivid and satisfying where the lovers actually survive the dangers of quicksand, snakes and a crazed husband. This is a good read.

Review by: George Henry on July 13, 2017 :
A heady cocktail of love, lust, revenge and the mystical in the Amazon jungle!
4*s Review from Smashwords

Imagine yourself fleeing a broken romance with a married woman who may be pregnant with your child to become entangled with the unhappy wife of a domineering and dangerously volatile husband. This is the nerve-wracking situation Emilio, an engineer, finds himself in when he takes on a project deep in the Peruvian jungle that Mark Giglio paints so vividly the reader will be immersed in its vines, canopy of trees, animal life, waterfalls and pools. Add a liberal dash of Amazon Indian mysticism and the spice of the husband’s unexpected request and the reader has a heady cocktail of human relationships and magical realism to swallow. Mark Giglio invites you into a world where the rationale meets the mystical with explosive results. You won’t be disappointed.

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Mark Giglio Author and Artist
Mark Giglio
Author and Artist


1 thought on “Patron’s Wife Review”

  1. When I begin any book, novella or story I do so with scepticism. “Is this writing worth my time to read?” Well, as I began The Patron’s Wife, I found myself fascinated with the story from the very start. The author, Mark Giglio draws the reader in immediately with the visual and auditory descriptions. I wanted to run and put on bug spray to protect myself from the “thousand insects” with their “unearthly cadence”. That is just plain GOOD WRITING. The progression of the story weaves the lives and loves of the characters masterfully together. There is a nice balance between a feeling of ordinary, daily easiness and a hypnotic suspensefulness. The reader can experience so many feelings and emotions: “unbearable” physical discomfort, love, fear, a dreamlike mysticism, to acceptance and rejection, to name a few.
    Mark Giglio really packed a lot into this “novella” including some great poetry. I highly recommend this to all readers.
    M.G. Perez

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